Monday, February 18, 2008

You say it's your Birthday?

I had a wonderful birthday. Consider the following:

Kara, Dad and I having a birthday moment!

  1. A trip to China the preceding week with fabulous Saturday shopping in Beijing-- compliments of Dad.

  2. Having Kara here to wish me a happy day in person!

  3. 4 Video-cam conversations with Adam & Bri; Erin; Brett and Julianne, Emma, Ellie, and Ryan and my Mom and Dad!

  4. A fabulous birthday cake made by Irene...topped off with 57 candles!

5. Dinner at my favorite Chinese Restaurant in Hong Kong--Peking Garden

6. A 60 minute foot rub at "Happy Feet" along with a pedicure from my friend Teri--boy, were my feet happy! (Kara, I am so sad...had I known about this place, we would have done this together.

7. A lunch with girlfriends.

8. Cards, presents and emails from family and friends--Thank You!

Dad and Elder Garn lighting the potential fireworks display!

The truth is I love Birthdays! I love that everyone gets a special day once a year to celebrate their life. When I was young, my birthday was special because I received two cakes! Grandma Clifton would make me a birthday cake that had money in it. Sometimes the coins would be wrapped in wax paper, and other times she would just bake them just as they were. I can still taste the copper pennies, nickels and dimes as I would bite into slice of cake--mmmm yummy! My mother would bake me a cake as well--in any shape that I wanted and would always make me Sloppy Joes for my birthday dinner. When dad and I moved to Hawaii...birthday celebrations seemed to morph into two, three or even four day events. The day at our home would begin with breakfast in bed and finish with cake and presents at the close of the day: Party Two would have Chinese food at Grandma's with her tasty chocolate cake or the fabulous Liliha Bakery's Chantilly Cake--then family presents with the Kailua Hallstroms and McKinlays! Kid birthday parties were supposed to be held every other year, and this stayed pretty much true to form until Briana was born...then for some inexplicable reason, we seemed to have to friend parties every year!

I don't think too much about my special day...but I am always thrilled when my family and friends make a fuss. However, what really makes me happy is to plan birthdays for our children and grandchildren. I could never wait until the month or week of to plan the celebration. This is a special event! We have the cute birthday table cloth that comes out for the party day...making the presents look festive and inviting! A special meal is thought about and prepared, and there is always cake and ice cream to finish. I love to plan presents that will make the person feel loved and special. I have been planning and shopping for Ellie and Adam's birthday for several months-looking for that special something that will light up the eyes! To begin this year of celebrations, conference weekend we shall celebrate Adam and Ellie's birthday. Of course, we know that Adam's birthday is March 29th and Ellie's is April 10th, but because of our current living situation, no one seems to mind sharing their day or having it a little early or late! The night that Kara arrived in Hong Kong, we had her birthday card ready and waiting on her nightstand. She didn't expect to have an early birthday, but I thought her money would go alot further in Hong Kong than London! I was right--she promptly spent it all in Shenzen the very next day outfitting herself with a gorgeous new wardrobe.

So 2008 will be another wonderful year to celebrate the people that we love best in this world! Are you excited Hallstrom's and Stewarts? I know that I am! Let the Birthday Parties begin!

PS: I blew out all of the candles with one breath...I am determined that my wish(es) will all come true!