Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ah, Paree!

The last glimpses of wonderful Paris!
A feast for the eyes--detailed charm everywhere!
Sidewalk grocers!   Erin would so shop here.
However, I don't think Erin would shop here! 
What or should I say 'who' does this remind you of?
One of the original subway entrances located in the Mon Marte District...
THE famous seven story staircase to said above subway exit.  And to answer your question, yes, we climbed every last one.  Of course, Kara powered through to the top, while I took the more scenic route--enjoying the art on the walls!
I kept thinking, perhaps Marie (Antoinette), Victor (Hugo), or some historical event might have happened right here on these very cobblestones!
Charming water well.
You have to love the story of  Saint Dennis, who was the Bishop of Paris in 250 AD.  He was beheaded by the pagan priests and it is said that upon his beheading, he picked up his head and walked six miles, all the while preaching a sermon!    He is the beloved and patron saint of Paris!

You cannot go to Paris without a stop here.  This is the famous English bookstore that has seen the likes of Hemingway and Joyce.  Apparently struggling authors will work here while waiting to become famous.  Kara loved it!  I have to admit it had a lot of vintage charm.

Kara browsing--but alas, she did not find a book to buy!
A shocking orange!
 A little bit of yellow!
A shot of green!
And a splash of pink!
We cannot forget the blues!
And of course, who wouldn't want to shop at this little gem?

What a delightful city to explore.  I would go back again and again!