Friday, July 24, 2009

Emma turns nine!

My goodness...she is nine. When did that happen? And look at how tall and beautiful she is! When she was born, she was so tiny--she looked liked a baby bird! When we left for Japan, I was worried that whenever we came home, she would have nothing to do with me. I used to say little prayers...Please let this little baby let me hold her! AND my prayers were answered. She loved us every single time and came to us with no hesitation! How darling was that?

She is a big help to her mother and father in taking care of Ellie and Ryan. Sometimes, we forget how many times we ask her to fetch or do something. She has never complained. She gets up quickly and accomplishes the task...and always with a smile.

Ellie adores Emma. IF she could, she would sleep in the same room and same bed with Emma forever! (They remind me of some other sisters I know that are crazy about spending time with each other.) She is an avid reader, an exceptional pianist, and an excellent student--so in the words of Grandma Hallstrom...we are are humbly proud of our beautiful granddaughter!
Her aunts adore her and she adores them. She is especially happy that Erin is back in Utah! No more tearful hellos and goodbyes!

As grandparents, we are so thrilled that heaven sent beautiful Emma to our family. Happy Birthday, darling Emma! WE LOVE YOU!