Friday, April 10, 2009

This is one cute Birthday Girl!

Today Ellie turns six! SIX! Can you believe it? Where did the time go? How is this possible? All through these years, our little Elizabeth has managed to win hearts and make us all 'humbly proud' that she belongs to our family. Ellie is a charmer and has no lack of friends! If her friends could have their way, Ellie would always be at their homes playing! She loves her sister, Emma with all her heart, and dotes on Ryan! She is blessed to have a loving mommy and daddy who constantly watch over her, not to mention Grandparents and Aunti's and Uncles who adore her.

She and I love to run errands together...and luckily for me, she is crazy about all things girly--hoorah, hoorah!)
Running Errands in Hong Kong on the MTR!

And on the streets where I live!

Her first birthday kiss in Hong Kong!

AND her second!

AND now for a big Birthday hug!

Her adoring fans from Mainland China!

Her Bette Davis eyes...

Goin' local--Hawaiian style!

Pulling a 'whatever face' with Aunti Erin!

Happy Happy Birthday, Ellie Belle! You are dearly loved in Hong Kong!