Thursday, March 20, 2008

And you thought I was done...

I know you are thinking, what else could mom possibly share about India that could top the Taj Mahal? Well, I am not sure that this entry will compete with the Taj, but I am sure that you will enjoy these tidbits.
First, how do you think they mow the lawns at the Taj Mahal? Honestly, if husbands everywhere thought that they needed this equipment to get the job done, I don't think lawns would ever get mowed! Pretty clever, don't you think--a lean, green mowing machine!Here is a photo of us checking out the horsepower...or should I say Brahma power! I guess what is missed by the mower, the cows catch it while on their break! Seeing is believing!
In a previous post, I shared with you the crazy traffic that exists in India. A common sight you will often see, are families of three, four, five and six all riding together on a small motorcycle. We took this picture after a meeting...I am sorry that it is only a family a four, which seems rather 'ho hum' after you have witnessed a family of six riding this way in Delhi traffic. Surely you can see how much space is left on that seat...fitting two more children would not be a problem! Look what a darling family this!
Here is fun picture of a typical barber shop...we have seen this particular setting not just in India, but also in Pakistan! I am continually amazed at people's ingenuity when it comes to making a living in Asia. There is no space too small or unique that can't be adjusted to make a living! So inspiring!
A wonderful experience that I need to share is when we visited Gandhi's memorial. He is referred to as Mahatma Gandhi, which means "great soul". He was a man devoted to peace and reform. As we walked into the room where he had spent the last 3 years of his life, I was overwhelmed at the simpleness of his life. His earthly possessions consisted of woven slippers, a bowl for eating, his glasses and walking stick. That is all! There is a magnificent monument to the his historic "Salt March" in New Delhi that is not to be missed. The Salt March was a 241 mile march, completed in just 24 days, to protest the British Salt Tax. The Salt Tax made it illegal to sell or produce salt, allowing a complete British monopoly. All people in India were affected because it made it illegal for workers to collect their own salt from the coasts of India. They couldn't buy the salt, because they couldn't afford it! Gandhi made this a non violent march and it had a great impact on the British rule in India. I think he truly is a great soul!
This picture shows the exact place where he was assassinated. The grounds are so peaceful I loved it!
I think that this just about does it for India...Although I might share some funny candid shots with you sometime! Interested?


  1. What an experience! I think Brett and I should invest in a pair of Brahma bulls. What do you think the neighbors would think?!

  2. What wonderful sights! Thanks for sharing. Although I think my favorite sight is seeing dad in a short sleeve white shirt. Definitely a foregin experience! :)

  3. Give me some candid shots! I want to go to India so bad. We live in an amazing world.

  4. I am so excited that you have a blog! I will check it regularly...maybe not twice a day though?! (I hear you on that one, as that is what I do with Meg's blog!) What adventures you have! I just finished watching Anne of Green Gables, and I think you should call yourself Diane with an "e"!

  5. Thanks for letting me take a peak. Since Ty & Megs' wedding, Eric and I have had the opportunity to live in the Middle East. Your pictures, with a few variations on the theme, could have been taken in Egypt, Jordan, Dubai, or Turkey. How wonderful for you to be able to experience world cultures and get to know the marvelous people.
    Becky Loveless