Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I hope you find this interesting...

This post is all about setting a table...I can remember seeing my first special table setting at Grandma Hallstroms. I was completely amazed that someone would go to all that effort to make a table look so inviting. I loved the anticipation of wondering what she would do for our special meals during holiday times, and I was never disappointed. Do you remember all the fun ornaments that you received through the years at Christmas time because Grandma added that fun touch? Not only did it make the table look festive, but it was a fun favor for you children to take home and hang on the tree! Eventually, I began setting a few holiday tables with a little extra effort. However, when we moved to Japan, (and now in Hong Kong) I discovered how much fun it was to set a table that would make the guests feel special. So here are a few of my efforts since being in Hong Kong...some more inspiring than others!
I bought this table topper in Thailand...the plate chargers from Williams and Sonoma, the red goblets from our very own local "Junk Store" here in Hong Kong. The mums were from my local street vendor...oh, and I made the place cards.

This was our Christmas table for this year. Same red goblets...but used red plate chargers. However, the Christmas plates are Irene's. I love the plates! She got them from a Noritake outlet store in Sri Lanka...who knew?

This is a close up of the individual place settings....can you see the fun plaid on the plates? By the way, do you notice the goose on the place card? Talk about matching the plates...

I love this tablecloth! We bought it in Indonesia. However, I, totally miscalculated the table cloth length--so it is incredibly large. When we come home, this tablecloth will have to be used for 12 or more people. See how fun the woven chargers look? The 3 votive pillars in the center of the table were also bought in Indonesia--they are made out of Cinnabar wood. The green glass votives are from the Junk Store!

Notice the place cards. I got the image off the Internet and changed the coloring just a little bit. It matches perfectly with the tablecloth! So much fun! Instead of flowers, I used greenery...and they ended up looking like little trees...a nice change from flowers!

The wooden elephants are Irene's (speaking of which, I think I need some wooden elephants, don't you?)...the green taper candles I got from the Junk Store...very fun!

This table was so fun to do. I found wonderful eggs at the Junk Store. I had the idea to put the eggs on the candlestick holders instead of candles--it was different, but effective. The flowered cloth is from is a hand dyed cotton yukata--of course, it came from the Salvation Army store which means cheap! The blue and white candle holders are from the Junk Store, as are the purple glass votives. My newest acquisition from the Junk Store this year are the blue and white covered bunny dishes--they were perfect for the Easter table setting. (You do realize that when I say Junk Store, that is code for ridiculously cheap and wonderful stuff?)

Here is a closer look. The flowers came from the local street market vendor. Oh, I have to say that the flowers you can get here are marvelous...and for just a few dollars! As you can see, I tried to match my flower arrangements to coordinate with the yukata cloth. I think it was successful!

Do you see the random green glass egg holder on the table? I completely forgot I had left it there. Irene caught it when she came up before the dinner started and was taking pictures! Thank goodness for Irene! All in all, it was a wonderful, springy, Eastery theme. Everybody smiled and enjoyed a great dinner.

Now what shall I do for the next table setting?


  1. I am in awe of your skills mom--amazing. All your tables look so beautiful, this is truly a talent you have developed over the years.

    Perhaps the themed table setting bug may have started many years ago with a little bunny that threw up water...?

  2. can i a) come to dinner at your house and b) go shopping with you at your "junk store"?

    your tables are beautiful! i especially love the elephant setting. and yes, you do need wooden elephants, although they do bring back memories of the geese my mom use to have in her kitchen.

  3. You've been TOTALLY holding out on me! I thought you were just a blog READER...never knew you were a blog WRITER.

    I love this and will be looking at it all the time. Consider yourself warned! (grin)

  4. You are a table master! All bow down.

  5. Just gorgeous, Mom. Absolutely fabulous. But everything you do is amazing, so it's really no surprise.

    And I love that bunny pitcher, Erin! Remember when Emma couldn't stop giggling at it a couple years ago? What a great memory.

  6. I remember the great table setting we would have for our valentines tea parties. I love your 'tablescapes' as Sandra Lee would put it. They are works of art! I can't wait until I really have a table all of my own to do fun things with. I'm sure I will use your tablescapes as inspiration.