Friday, May 9, 2008

The Torch Comes to Wan Chai!

On Friday of last week, May 2, the Olympic Torch made it's run through Hong Kong. One of the exciting things about the route was it was going to pass right by our building! Irene and I, along with all of the senior couples and employees were excited to participate in this event. The government had asked everyone to wear red in support of the torch...Irene wore red...I, however, I wore coral!

While googling to find out what time the torch was to pass by our building, I discovered something interesting about the torch that I didn't know. The torch relay is a modern event. It was begun for the Berlin Olympics. Noted Nazi Joseph Goebbels instigated the torch relay as a means of promoting the ideology of Nazism throughout the world! Thankfully, I don't think many people realize that when they are viewing the torch relay.

Early in the morning of May 2, the overpasses next to our building were cordoned off with police...allowing no pedestrians or onlookers to use them. About 11 am, the sidewalks and open areas along Fleming Street began to fill with people wearing mostly red or carrying red flags. I found out that the torch was not going to be passing our building until around these were dedicated torch watchers!

As for us, we decided that the side balconies of our building were the perfect venue to view the torch, as they overlooked Fleming and there would be no obstructions. When the torch finally made its appearance, the crowds would cheer as the runner passed by. I have to admit, we all cheered as it passed by our vantage point.

Looking down on the event from our balcony...

Looking up at our vantage point--I am on the 4th floor balcony!

Side Note: After we were through watching the event, I stepped back into the room from the balcony. Our DTA, Terry Oakes said he was relieved that the balcony hadn't collapsed! I laughed...he laughed. Funny man! Later that night when Dad came home, I told him about the torch. He asked where we had watched it. I told him that we were all on the little side balconies. Dad said, "Really?" Those balconies are not built for load bearing...only for decorative design." Apparently Terry was really laughing from relief...not so funny after all!


  1. you little rebel in coral you.

  2. How fun and historic are you! And coral is totally in the red family, so you're good.

  3. We think you look fab in Coral. Very non-conformist. Which is also, coincidentally, very un-chinese. But we love you!

    Erin and Kara in Oslo