Thursday, June 19, 2008

Monkey Mountain

Last April, when Brett, Julianne and family came for their of the places that we had to go and see was Monkey Mountain. I had never been, but Irene had raved about this place, and how everyone of her guests she had taken absolutely loved it!
What is Monkey Mountain, you ask?
The Kam Shan Country Park covers an area of 337 hectares, most of which is the water catchment of the Kowloon Group of Reservoirs. It is called Monkey Mountain by the local people as there are hundreds of long-tailed macaque monkeys living in the area. These monkeys are not local wildstock but are descendants of monkeys released there in 1920. It is estimated that there are over 1200 monkeys. Because these monkeys have been fed by visitors so often thru the years, they have become quite aggressive, showing no fear in approaching humans. There are signs everywhere telling the visitors not to feed them, however, feeding the monkeys remains a popular pastime!
Before going there, Irene reminded me of the number one Monkey Mountain Rule, which is to NOT have any food or drink with you. The monkeys can smell it and they will attack people until they get the food. So we made sure that we were snack free.
After going most of the way via the MTR, we got a taxi to take us the rest of the way. Our taxi driver was an older man...most likely a grandpa. We told him we were going to Monkey Mountain. After driving for a little distance, he said, "Monkey Mountain not good place for little children." Brett, Julianne and I looked at each other and then back at him and said, "Really?" He said, "Monkeys attack little children--you should not take little children there." Feeling somewhat chastened, we retorted with a lame, "Oh." He went on to tell us not to have any food with us or feed the monkeys. We enthusiastically said, "Oh, we don't have any food--and we will not be feeding the monkeys!" When he pulled up to the entrance, we were stunned to see the place crawling with monkeys. There must have been AT LEAST a hundred monkeys running, shrieking, leaping and fighting! It was too intimidating to take all the photos that I now wish I had!

And right in front of us was this big sign that read, "Do not feed the Monkeys" was a man kneeling down on the ground with a bag of food that he was passing out to the monkeys. This is what was making the monkeys crazy--as they were fighting for food. Emma and Ellie quickly sidled up to Brett and Julianne, and little Ryan's arms were wrapped tight around Brett's neck. If the taxi driver had not left so quickly, I would have turned around and got right back in! One second of viewing this crazy melee was enough for me!

They are not cute monkeys. They are not quiet monkeys. They are not afraid of humans monkeys!

As we were walking on the overpass that would take us into the park, we noticed a big monkey flying down the hill toward Brett and the girls. I was in the back with Julianne and Ryan, and we all stopped and waited to see what this monkey was going to do. Ellie wanted Brett to hold her, and Emma stuck closely beside him. The monkey came right up to Brett and sat down--Waiting. Waiting for the food which would not be forthcoming.

Okay, the monkey was much bigger AND menacing in person...YOU had to be there to see how fierce he was! After this experience, we decided we had enough of monkey attitude! So we left...Irene was disappointed when she discovered that we did not really enjoy our experience. She continues to take her guests there...Me? I don't even bring it up!


  1. Ummmmm, i don't think we want to go come December. Scary! And that one monkey looks meaner than mean. Irene is a brave woman!

  2. I think I am going to have nightmares tonight. Very creepy mom. Monkey Mountain is not a place for children...OR adults.

  3. when i first started reading i was thinking--"mckinlay would be in heaven at monkey mountain!"
    never mind.

  4. monkeys scared me before anyway. Holy cow. If they were monkey clowns, I seriously would need some medication to recover.

    Thanks for giving me another stamp in my passport!

  5. Wow! that looks so cool. What a contrast to the US, crazy. Hey Anut Diane, what is your email address so I can invited you on my Blog? That's right I am jumping on the bandwagon. Hope to hear from you soon.

  6. Oh i forgot, my email address is:

  7. Okay, so I'm way behind the times, but I finally found your blog =). It was so nice spending time with you guys while you were here!

    Anywho, I still like the monkeys. Reminds me of recess in elementary school.