Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy 90th Birthday Grandpa Hallstrom!

I know this posting is after the fact...since Grandpa's 90th birthday was on July 18th, but I thought I would post some pictures and memories from the evening for those of you who weren't there.
Grandpa Hallstrom was completely surprised with his birthday party on Sunday night. Jim and Kathie had fixed one of his favorite meals, Kalbi ribs, and that was the perfect beginning for his special day! After the meal was done, the family had all prepared a short tribute for Grandpa and put them in a book for him to have as a memento from the evening. However, what he didn't know was that Lorraine and Carl Kawakami had asked his old members of the University Student Branch where Grandpa had served as Branch President for 5 years, to write a tribute to him for his service during those years. It was simply wonderful! Grandpa kept asking, "Who are they talking about?" and everyone would say..."You, Grandpa!" All this was done with a modest smile of appreciation from the birthday boy!

Carl explaining to Grandpa who the tributes were from.
Grandpa listening attentively to each and every tribute!

He seemed to remember every person that wrote something to him, and he couldn't believe that so many would take the time to wish him a Happy Birthday. The memories from the branch reminded the family of the countless acts of kindness that he and grandma have done for so many. Some examples are: helping young people on missions or with difficult financial troubles; countless phone calls to those in need; the many temple trips taken together as a branch, and eating the fabulous dinner afterwards that had been lovely prepared and packed by Grandma-- in the trunk of the car!
Cute Kara!

Bri and attentive!

There's a new chip off the old block! Too cute for words!
Darling twosome!
The grandchildren that were there each took turns expressing their love for him and a special memory of him from their childhood! There were tears shed and love was felt by everyone. What a sweet way to celebrate the magnificent life of of a strong and steadfast man of 90 years!
Of course, it didn't end with the memory sharing; as there was a song to be sung, and a big cake to be eaten!

He can still 'wipe-out' the candles--with a little help!

What's a birthday without presents?

Of course, not everyone was as fully engaged at the end as we were...Can you tell that Ryan is ready for bed?

And this is how happy he was after I snapped the picture! Must be the jet lag!


  1. What happened to my darling, always happy boy?! I think someone actually took away his cars! Oh, the horror!

  2. thanks for posting this aunt di! i so wish i could have been there. i can't believe grandpa is 90! what a life he has led.

  3. It was a great night. I will remember it for a long time.

  4. Good memories. Thanks so much for making it possible for us all to be there Mom and Dad!

  5. What a fantastic birthday party for a fantastic grandpa!

    Great post, mom. Love you!

  6. How neat that you were all there to celebrate. It sounds like it couldn't have been a better birthday for Grandpa.

  7. Thanks for sharing this...almost as good as being there! I'm assuming there were hot fudge sundaes involved?!

  8. Thanks for posting these pictures! (Mine didn't turn out so well).
    It sure was a special evening!

  9. Thank you guys for coming to visit. It is always so fun having people in town!

  10. It was so wonderful seeing the Hallstrom Ohana and especially you. I love visiting your blog.