Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Then What to My Wondering Eyes Should Appear...

This is the last monument at Angkor that I want you to experience. It is called Ta Prohm--a Buddhist monastery built in the late 1100's. When the ruins at Angkor were first being excavated, it was decided to leave some of them alone, so everyone could appreciate the impressive force mother nature can wield. The huge trees that you will be seeing are called silk-cotton trees and they are spectacular! They are large and unique, almost looking fake--definitely giving Ta Prohm an eerie tomb like atmosphere. (FYI, Tomb Raider was filmed at this very location!)
So once again, watch your head, and come take a look at what mother nature has claimed as her own! (I am sure you have noticed by now that I like taking pictures that seemingly take you into somewhere else!)Remember how we have been here in both rain and shine? Well, the rain on this day brought rivers of water where there should have been none!
The following three photos are just to whet your appetite on what is to come!
May I just say 'You 'ain't seen nothin yet'? Check this out! And this! How puny are men's labors when mother nature takes over?
Here are the same two photos at a camera must is in rain--and one with shine!Although now they have added a fence in front--not a great addition visually!
As we were going through the ruins, there were several Cambodian boys following us. All of a sudden they stopped us, and told us that we had to look at this tree. I looked...and looked again; what was I supposed to be looking at or looking for?
And then I saw her...'The Lady in Tree'! She is the most famous resident here at Ta Prohm. Look at her close-up! My special thanks to our little friends who insisted we stop and take a look! So this is a little taste of Ta Prohm at Angkor--a fascinating glimpse into an "otherworldly place." I hope you can experience it someday for yourselves!


  1. AMAZING! I love the lady in the tree. And how cute are you crossing that mighty river?

  2. Unreal. I love all those crazy tress! Thanks for sharing Mom.

  3. And yes, I meant to say trees. :)

  4. Woah! That place looks positively magical.

    Great post!

  5. Wow, I love looking at your blog. You always have pictures of places I never knew exsisted. Those trees were really cool, and magestic on how they just took over.

    Solid Post.

  6. Diane: amazing shots. Nature's artwork is a wonder to behold. Neat that we can enjoy the sights across the vast Pacific through your eyes.