Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy HallowEEK!

Believe it or not, Halloween is celebrated here and particularly in the street markets! Of course, most of the costumes and decorations are a little on the creepy side!

AND now for a little Halloween treating from the past! During our first year in Hong Kong, it was a foregone conclusion that Emma and Ellie be dressed in 'something' Chinese! So I found them matching Chinese outfits! So darling...(and the outfits are pretty cute too!)Here they are approaching a door to chant..."Halloween Apples--Trick or Treat!" (Okay, I am not entirely sure they said that, but that is what I taught our kids to say!)

This is where they hit the Aunti Erin and Kara's house when they lived in Salt Lake!Oh, if only I had access to my pictures from yesteryear's...What fun we would have being reminded of trick and treating in Grandma's neighborhood with all the cousins!
Happy Halloween Everyone!
PS: I believe we have Aunti Kara to thank for the kiddies trick and treating photos!


  1. Yep, pretty cute Trick-or-Treaters. But I have to admit, I'm more than a little biased!

  2. As one grandma to another, this long distance stuff stinks doesn't it!?...especially today!

  3. Happy Halloween Mom! I remember nothing about the "Halloween Apples" chant though. Must have blocked it out.

  4. Happy Halloween! I miss Grandma's house.