Friday, November 7, 2008

Our Handsome Little Guy!

This photo was taken year three years ago today...(pretend you don't see the date stamp!)

This is 'Our Guy,' or 'Ry Guy' or 'Ryan James Hallstrom' as he looks today. He is adorable! He is funny! And he is three years old today! Hurrah for the three year old 'guy'!

He is a handsome little guy...just like his dad! And speaking of dads...Ryan adores his dad! They are always a twosome on the coach watching TV together, and when mommy tries to get him for his bedtime, he has been known to wail in dismay..."Daddy, daddy, I need my daddy!" And most of the time, his daddy agrees with him!
I love his chatter..."Ryan!" I exclaim. "What Nana?" he responds in a serious little voice and then we are off on a dialogue that always makes me smile. He loves all things mechancial and trys his very best to make them work!

He is a chip off the 'old' block!
When bringing him a little treat one night and he cleverly spied it in my hands...He said in a frantic voice..."Oh,oh, I need that!" and so, before he could hyperventilate...I put it into his little hands, and he responded with a heartfelt, "Thank you, Nana!"

He is a great helper, with a firm, "I will do it! NO, I will do it!" Look at him taking Grandpa Clifton for a walk! He loves trucks and cars and trains and planes--and, oh, I can't wait to see his face on this year's Christmas morning when he opens his present from us! However, where he excels is at the computer. He can navigate his way from signing on, go to Favorites, scroll down and click on Bob the Builder and then proceed to play the game of his choice without any help from adults. I kid you not! (Julianne, we need a picture of him at the computer!)

It is the same thing with game boy--he loves to play it and he loves to watch! Note the intensity of focus! Too, Too Cute!

How many three year olds do you know that can do the "shaka?"

So on this special day, November 7, 2008, we would like to say, " Happy Birthday Ryan James!" You are loved and adored in Hong Kong!


  1. I think my favorite Ryan thing is that he says "What?" repeatedly even though he heard exactly what you said.

    Happy B-day Ry-guy!

  2. I love when he pretends not to recognize Bri even though he knows full well who Bri is. Such a little trickster!

  3. He is pretty cute, I have to admit! I guess his dad's genes are pretty dominant after all! Thanks for the great tribute to our fun little man.

  4. I remember how absoulutely adorable Brett was as a little guy...a real charmer! Ryan is a definite chip off the old block! Happy Birthday Ryan!

  5. The stinker was pretty cute when he kept calling me Erin — mischievous grin and all.

    Oh, I love that kid!

  6. your blog looks fabulous!! love the header!