Thursday, May 14, 2009

'YA YA'...It's Happy Birthday Time!

Today is the Bear's birthday! I am so excited to share with all of you some of the wonderful things we love about this daughter of ours.

Several years ago, Kara coined the phrase, 'YA YA,' in our family whenever something wonderful was about to, or had happened. She had everyone saying it, from little 2 year old Ellie on up! (Well, okay, not her dad!) So this Ya Ya is for you, bear--the third Ya is how the chinese would say it! (this is my tailor's sewing machine)

She loves her sisters and they are the best of friends! They get a little crazy at times when they are together, but the predominant theme is always lots of love and laughter.

Kara lights up a room with her witticisms and humor. She manages to have everyone laughing whether they want to or not! Brett has always been her biggest fan--and she his!

Of course, we cannot forget her 'little fan club." Kara dotes on them--they are so lucky to have such a darling aunti!
You may know that she is a budding seamstress. (See? A mother's dream really can come true.) How would it be to sew one's creations on a pink and white sewing machine AND one that Project Runway endorses? That is so Kara!

Add to that her knitting skills, her gift for writing, her decorating talents, her 'luck' in finding incredible shopping bargains and you begin to see what a multi-talented gal she is!

Her enthusiasm for travel is becoming legendary. She has a book about a 1000 places to see before you die...which she is diligently checking off. She has been to Hong Kong, China, Japan, Bali, England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France and the list continues. YA YA for Kara!

Kara has always loved animals. We had Patches, (her cat) Twinkles, (her bunny), and a stinky little white mouse called Mickey. When we went to Thailand, we had to walk down to the baby elephant pen, so Kara could exclaim, 'Oh, look at the cute widdle babies,' and other baby talk anecdotes that had the mama elephant a little worried!

We adore her! We love her bear hugs! We love her beautiful smile! But most of all, we love that she is our daughter. Happy Birthday darling Kara! YA YA!


  1. ya ya for kara! love that sister of mine.

  2. darling post! i love that kara too. happy birthday!!

  3. What a sweet post! One of the things I love most about Kara is her ability to tie a song into almost every situation. Well-I just love you all!

  4. Happy Birthday Kara! What a wonderful daughter you have, we love her to death!

  5. We sure love that Kara too and hope she has a fantastic birthday!

  6. I know this is all about Kara (who I LOVE) but would this be an appropriate time to say...

    YA YA!
    (or YA YA YA!)

    can't wait.

  7. Thanks mother of mine. What a sweet post about a great subect.

  8. You forgot to mention her unnaturally strong toes. Pretty talented that daughter of yours. :)

  9. Happy Birthday to Kara! She really is the best! I wouldn't be the fabulous knitter I am if it weren't for her ;).