Monday, February 22, 2010

While I was...

While I was_________(I have no legitimate excuses) what did I  miss blogging about? A few things come to mind...

Dad's 60th Birthday!

His Fabulous Cake...Everything but the ribbon was chocolate!  A Hallstrom dream come true...
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A trip to Canada with Brett, Julianne and kids...

Ellie is excited to get going!

Emma and Ellie at my parent's 24th of July Pioneer Day party.

Ryan at Drumheller posing with a new friend!

A quick jaunt in August with Erin, Kara and Bri to Cedar City for the wonderful Shakespeare Festival! (Unfortunately, Julianne was not able to go--hopefully next time!)

Of course, we soon wondered what there was to do in Cedar City 'whils't waiting for a play to begin?

We never did find out!
But the plays were fabulous and the outdoor theatre was so William Shakespeare!
Spending a 'few' with the Bard himself!

And of course, it wouldn't be a trip with the girls without the 'take it yourself photo op.'
A trip to Nauvoo in September for a Mission Presidents' Seminar. Fabulous!

A wonderful Thanksgiving where Erin, Kara, Emma and Ellie were good sports!

 Our first Christmas being together in North Salt Lake in four years!  So much fun!

Sadly, I missed posting about Brett's Birthday, Breezy's birthday, Erin's birthday, Julianne's birthday and Ryan's birthday. Whew! What a sad state of affairs! I will be better this year!

About our trip to Africa, France and England--I simply have to blog about in greater detail, as there is so much to share! So be prepared!
I am back...


  1. YAY! she's back! she's back!
    don't EVER stay away this long again.

    i'm serious.

    Can't wait for more.


  2. I'm so glad you're back! You've been missed :)

  3. Too many fabulous memories! I love having you guys back.

  4. Welcome back! The bloggy world missed you v. v. much.

    Love you like crazy.

  5. i've missed you. welcome back! and that cake: to. die. for. i hope i can have one just like it, and preferable before i turn 60!

    love you! so much!

  6. I think I almost died of shock when I saw that Nana Diary had updated. "Could it be true?" I thought? And yes, indeed it was true. So glad to have you back writing mom. You were missed.

  7. Hooray!!! Your posts are the best! - Maybe one of these days I'll surprise everyone and begin mine again - don't hold your breath. Oh how I enjoy yours.

  8. I have been wondering if since you were no longer overseas you were no longer writing. I am so glad you are back!

  9. welcome back! where oh where did you get that cake...gotta have it!

  10. Welcome back!! I miss your posts--can't wait to hear about your trips =).

    Oh, and I'm fairly certain that the cake is going to feature in my dreams tonight.