Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Junk Store Nana!

Tis the season for a Junk Store update! Have I mentioned how much I love Junk store shopping? Hong Kong is filled with alleys that are full of street hawkers and remnants of stores filled with merchandise that will entice you to stop, look and buy. The price is always right and the thrill of finding a wonderful deal is a regular occurance. Here are a few glimpses from one of my favorite junk stores!
So come along and take a look at what I have garnered over these past 3 1/2 years of junk shopping in Hong Kong! (All $ are in US dollars--except for the last paragraph)

This is my grapevine pumpkin...cost? $2.50

The Pilgrim Couple? $5.00 for the pair! The cute pillow? 60 cents...

Don't you love the snowman and the trees? $3.50 for the snowman, $1.50 for the two red trees and $2.00 for the green tree!

The Stockings? $1 each!

The ceramic Snowman pitcher? $2.50--and I got 8 of the little snowman candles for $3.00!

These three santas came to a grand total of 7 dollars. (by the way, the cute 'Let it Snow' is from our favorite Vinyl specialist...Happy Jo!)

The two berry trees?...$2.50 for the larger one, and $1.00 for the smaller. The berry centerpiece with the candle...$4.00.

These Santas were a bit pricey at $4.50 each, but I decided to splurge anyway!

These cute snowmen were a great find at just $2.60 each!

And now for a little 'junk store miracle'. One day as I was browsing through lots of 'junk' I spied a fabulous table runner. I picked it up and asked how much...the lady told me 25 dollars ($3.00 US) so I bought it. Then two weeks later at the same store, but hanging right above my head was a matching tree skirt. I couldn't believe it! It was, however, was a bit pricey...50 dollars ($6.45 US) but it was a perfect match, so I splurged. Exactly one week later, I was back at the same store, browsing through a pile of pillows and stockings--when at the bottom of the pile I spied a third piece that matched the other two--a small runner that was 10 dollars ($1.29 US). So I got it as well. What are the odds of finding three pieces from a set over 4 weeks?So this ends my tale of junk store shopping...at least for 2008! Do you think I got my money's worth?


  1. You make me so jealous. Junk stores just are never as good inside the US. Absolute wonderful finds!

  2. You are a junk store wonder!

  3. I think shopping is so much for fun when you can tell everyone what a great deal you got! I can't believe we missed the junk stores! Oh well, we'll just have to come back!

  4. Oh how I love that you posted prices of everything you got. It's just so ... nana. :)

  5. I love that $4.50 is a splurge. I've booked my ticket. I'm on my way!

    (but seriously, what ARE you going to do with all this stuff when it's time to leave Hong Kong?)

    I didn't think it was possible to like you more...but I do.

  6. How are you ever going to shop in the U.S. Mom?

  7. Oh what fun! I'm a sucker for snowmen. It's probably a blessing in disguise that we can't shop like that here--I don't think our little attic has room for more Christmas stuff!
    The pictures of the junk store remind me of the Tank, for some reason =).

  8. Can I come shopping too? I won't even say a word-just gasp here and there at the deals.

  9. It is such a thrill to find a great buy...you must be on a continuous high! I was quite excited that I got Pottery Barn stockings for $1 until I saw what you got...and you don't have to unpick the wrongly embroidered name off of your stockings?!

  10. Oooh, your flat and your blog are festive beauties! I love it. You are a pro-already - the header looks great! Thanks again for letting me hang out with you while I've been here! I've loved it. Let me know if you ever need anything, especially while I'm in Taber. Thanks. Loveya!

  11. Diane, I can't believe that you remember the prices of all your junk store treasures. I am here to tell you that you are going to have serious shopping withdrawal when you move back to the USA, but it is worth it. Continue to enjoy while you can.