Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Last night we celebrated the old year 2008 and rang in the new 2009 with our wonderful senior couples, friends and cute Adam and Bri. Here is a little glimpse into our begin with, "Baby It's Cold Outside!"

AND then there were the games...fabulous and fun...enough to fill the hours from 9 until 11:30 pm. Of course, once again, Adam and Bri rose to the challenge and were victorious...Adam taking first and Bri... not too far behind! Check out Adams form...

Now here is the winning shot for Bri--this was a play off for first in the ring toss...she is so talented that she can twirl and play ping pong at the same time!

I shall give you a few 'glimpses' of Adam and Bri's visit on another post. Enjoy!


  1. I loved this New Year's Rockin' Eve!

    So. Much. Fun. to be a part of it.

  2. i can't stand how much I adore this...thanks for letting us pretend we were there.
    But, I have to ask, would it have made it into the Church news if one of the senior missionaries would have died during that ping pong tourney? TOO FUNNY.

  3. what? no BINGO?

    loved the video's. and now i want to play a round of twirling ping pong!

    love you and happy new year.

    (p.s. we are again on the same wavelength with the snowflake background. have i mentioned you have really good taste? 'cause you do.)

  4. I'm so glad I got to finally hear this talked about rendition...glad you had such a fabulous Christmas time! Loved all the posts from you and Breezy! Look forward to more!

  5. Happy New Year! But where is the video of Mom and Dad playing whirling, twirling ping pong?

  6. This cracks me up. And makes me wish it was my New Year's Eve. I love you guys.

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