Saturday, June 13, 2009

Material Girl!

Going to the Lo Wu Commercial Plaza in Shenzhen, China, is an adventure. We (my friends and I) fondly refer to it as the great and spacious building. It is five floors filled with hundreds of shops selling anything and everything. As you walk down the isles, hands reach out to grab you and the refrain is always, "Missy, Missy, you take a look?" The first time I went, I was so overwhelmed and scared to death to stop and browse for fear of being pressured into buying something that I didn't want! However, with experience, I conquered my fears and found it to be a fun challenge!

Sandi, the gal in the navy blouse and red necklace, introduced me to Rosie, our tailor. All of us go to her!
Rosie is a marvel and her skills have created many outfits--jackets, pants, skirts, coats, pajamas are just a few of things she has made. A custom tailored jacket and skirt, including the fabric will cost about 40 dollars US. However, the real fun begins when you go to the 5th floor to choose your fabric.
The selection of fabric is so so...what do you think?

These two pictures give you a glimpse of the fabrics available! Most yardage here goes for about $3.00 US /meter. Of course, if you really want to save money on fabric, we go to the fabric district in Hong Kong. It is strictly a street experience, with very few fabric stores. My best price per yard? $1.00 US. The choices are not the same as in Shenzhen, but you can find some wonderful bargains! So. Much. Fun. Fabric shopping at home just can't compete!


  1. I think Erin and Kara are simultaneously salivating. You KNOW how fabric makes them all a-flutter.

    love you, momma. see you in 10 days!

  2. so jealous!! i would love a custome tailored ANYTHING! one day we'll have to go together, OK?

  3. I'm still kind of sad we didn't go to Shinzen while we were there. However, I think we'd lose The Guy in about five minutes in there, don't you think? Shopping in Hong Kong is a completely unique experience, I agree!

  4. enjoy the time you have left...I went fabric shopping this week and you are in for a rude awakening when you return!? ... but cheap shopping vs. grandkids, I think you'll adjust?! After you have been home a couple of months, Target will be your "happy place"!

  5. Gotta love that great and spacious building.

  6. *shock*

    Color me jealous!

    If you ever want to make a return trip--TAKE ME WITH YOU!!! Please :)

  7. Oh, fabric shopping in Hong Kong is the best. (Isn't it great that I can say that now?)

  8. wow! but don't you think you could have packed one more amazing thing into your 4 years there!? :)

    so much to miss, but so much to look forward to!!