Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our bags are packed and we're ready to go...

It has been four amazing, life changing years. We have traveled all throughout Asia and witnessed so many things--Acts of faith, saints of faith and the increasing of our faith. We have seen many of the marvels found in Asia and we were fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the world.
Here are just a few of the things I shall miss!

Adorable children!

The Star Ferry...a delightful 8 minute ride across the harbor.

The gorgeous flower stalls that make having fresh flowers so affordable!

This view from The Peak showcasing Hong Kong's spectacular city lights !

Our spectacular round window--what a glorious view!

Our unique building at 118 Gloucester Road--home for the past 4 years.

Tuesdays at the temple--serving with my dear Chinese sisters.

Teaching Friday Institute class--the senior couple sisters are pure delight!

Bus #260 that takes me to Stanley for shopping and brings me back home--dropping me off right in front of our building!

The many changing faces of the 'Ding Ding'!

Funny little cars and vanity plates that cost...well, you really don't want to know how much vanity costs in Hong Kong!

Watching the charming San Pan make it's many harbor voyages from our big window!

Glimpses of beauty in unexpected places!

Sheer amazement at how many people will buy their meat from the wet markets...especially on hot, humid days!

Trying on saris in Bangalore India--('cause if I didn't live in Hong Kong, this wouldn't have happened!)

Then posing with my sari dresser!

Familiar dear faces--Irene, Matthew, Christy and Connie.

Mary and Glen's visit--remember how they came with two suitcases, went home with 5--oh, and they have a very large box in our shipment!

Bamboo scaffolding...just watch it go up! (so they are not the fastest climbers in Hong Kong, but at least you get the idea of how it is done.) :)

Sharing Asia with Brett, Julianne, Emma, Ellie and Ryan--Erin, Kara, Adam and Bri and of course, Laurel--watching them all fall in love with Hong Kong!

Impromptu video moments by Erin and Laurel! AND fixing dad lunch every day...(just kidding on that one!)

A sendoff that will never be forgotten!


  1. i will long consider it one of the best privileges to have been with you and Elder Hallstrom during your last week in that magical place. THANK YOU for the was perfect. and YOU are a master shopper!! (and're really good at that too!)

  2. But wait--we never got a chance to visit you! :(

    That meat market is enough to make me want to be a vegetarian--eek!

    So, can we be recommended for your replacements? Or maybe the ones who take care of your replacements, or someone that has to live over there for whatever reason??

  3. Although we are over-the-moon excited to have you back with us ("forever?!" as Belle puts it) we will kind of miss having our Hong Kong connection. Oh well, I guess that means we'll all just have to go back some day!

  4. Good bye Hong Kong. Sniff, sniff.

  5. PS - Mom, you look gorgeous in a sari! I think you should totally introduce it into your wardrobe.

  6. I agree with Kara, you are GORgeous in that sari.

    What a great sendoff to Hong Kong. It will be missed by us all.

  7. from the mouth of three did look gorgeous in that sari! I hope you bought it and will wear it here! And I agree, you are amazing! See ya soon!

  8. beautiful post! beautiful sari! cute song! cute videos!

    and i love the bit about making dad lunch every day! ha!

    it's so perfect to have you back.

  9. What a great post! You must have had a wonderful time there. I will miss it for you :(. I'm so sad I was never able to visit (darn little children that I didn't dare to leave) ;). We'll be so happy to have you back!