Monday, March 2, 2009

As Promised!

This is just a little recap of Adam and Bri's visit in December...Beginning with them posing in front of the Peninsula Hotel with an amazing Foo Dog...sadly, High Tea was not on the agenda!

This picture was taken in honor of Erin and Kara--as one of their favorite stores in Hong Kong. What is a visit to Hong Kong without a sneak peak inside Shanghai Tang? However, there were no wallets being opened here!
One thing Adam and Bri did that none of the others experienced when they came to Hong Kong, was going to Ocean Park. It was walk down memory lane for me as I had two kids in tow and who were dying to experience every little thing. They simply could not resist a mouth this big!
With a little monkeying around, we were able to snap Bri in the moment!

Of course, not to be left out, Adam insisted on wearing outlandish earmuffs while gazing at the jelly fish!

A funny thing happened while viewing the jelly fish...some were hot!

While some were not! (This was totally an Adam and Bri phenomena. I was just an interested observer!)
Now in this shot, I tried to tell them that they really were not that high in the sky...but they simply wouldn't believe me!

Like her big sister Kara, Bri fell in love with the pandas. THIS was the main reason why we went to Ocean Park. For some strange reason, she was hugging every panda within sight!
Adam discovered if you can't beat'em, join'em! (my first cliche in sooo long!)
Bri talked about their walking up the many, many steps to the Big Buddah! This picture validates their claim!
Here they have just cleared their first 50 or so steps--Look how proud they are!

Now they are off! Where am I you ask? Well, there are only so many times you can climb this monument before it starts to lose it's charm. How many times would that be you ask? Besides, look at the photo opportunities that would have been lost...

Now I know that you know that they had a "Happy Feet Massage." You be the judge on how happy they look!


  1. There, you have done it. You have made me miss Hong Kong again. Sigh.

  2. Oh, I'm aching, aching for another shot at my alley shops and the Big Buddah. We are all so lucky to have the best tour guide around.

  3. I love Hong Kong! I love Adam and Bri! And I love you! Thanks for picture tour (and commentary).

  4. i sure wish it was my turn to visit next!! what a spring break trip that would make.

  5. oh how i loved this trip! oh how i love you!

    and that balloon picture makes me smile. a lot.