Monday, March 9, 2009

I have finally found the courage to...

...have a blog GIVEAWAY! In honor of my one year blog anniversary, I have decided to be a personal shopper for some lucky reader of my blog. (You all know who you are) All you have to do is leave a comment which should include your favorite colors (both home and personal), your shoe size, and a perfect necklace length! You have until Sunday evening March 15th (because that is when the names will be drawn out of a ???( if I can find one)! The winner will be posted on Monday morning! To inspire you to comment, start thinking about silk pashminas, or mother of pearl 'pearls', a fabulous necklace, a pair of embroidered Thai shoes or perhaps something uniquely jade? How about something for your home? A silk table runner? A Chinese leather box? I do have some ideas, but I would like to know a few details about you before I make the purchase.
The only catch is you will have to wait until March 26th or a little there after to receive it-- because that is when we will arrive in the States. I will either hand deliver it to you or put in the mail ASAP. Of course, I shall post a picture of what was selected before I leave on the 26th. Please leave a comment!


  1. oh! i couldn't ask for a more exciting giveaway!!
    shoe size: 8
    necklace length: either 19" or 33" (depending on the necklace style)
    my fingers are crossed. :) and i'm so excited you get to come home for a visit!!

  2. Giveaway?!? Let'see, fav color: PURPLE! (It hasn't changed in 29 years.) NEcklace length is like megs 19". Shoe size 8. Thank you for the b-day wishes too! Sorry I'm so late. Love ya!

  3. OK, you know I can't resist this . . . even though it seems more than a little unfair to those who haven't already been spoiled like crazy by you. But you notice, it isn't stopping me!

    Shoe size: 8 (thanks, kids!)
    favorite color: burnt orange and red (not necessarily together)
    necklace length: 19" or 33"

    As it turns out, I've got a new house to decorate, so anything will be fabulous!

    You're wonderful. We love you like crazy!

  4. Hi Mom! Like Julianne I feel like I should be exempted...but hey, I still am going to comment. I love you! AND your blog!

  5. I agree, I am exempt, but maybe I should be rewarded for my generosity.

  6. I'm exempt, too! The best present of all is seeing you in three weeks!

    love you, mom.

  7. I am SO not exempt...i only PRETEND to be a daughter (grin)
    Fave color home: ORANGE
    Fave color personal: BLUE
    Shoe size: 8 1/2 or 9
    Necklace length? 18" or really long that can be doubled up

    Okay, this is too fun.

  8. btw, at the risk of offending the other 2 non-exempt players, I notice i'm the only one who actually answered all your questions.
    I'd say contest is closed.
    winner has been declared.

  9. so as not to make laurel the winner by default, here are my other two answers:
    fav color home: red
    fav color personal: green

    does that double enter me since i commented twice?'s worth a try, right?

  10. necklace length 20 to 30 inches...haven't bought one in a LONG time!

  11. Alright, I will throw my hat in this ring

    Home Color (at the moment: red
    Personal Color: pink
    Shoe Size: 7.5-8
    Necklace Length: 19" maybe but I haven't bought one in a long time so who knows!

    I hope your trip home is great!