Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Adam Stewart!

Today is Adam's birthday and he is all by himself--sniff, sniff. However, what fun it is to wish him a very 'Happy Birthday' via the blog world. Everyone in our family loves this man who stole Bri's heart!
Nice try Grandpa--but it was not to be!
Only Adam could steal the heart of Bri!
He is kindhearted, hardworking and blessed with a delightful wit which keeps us continually smiling or laughing! He passed the Emma, Ellie and Ryan test very early on during his courtship of Bri--and when Erin and Kara quickly approved there were smiles all around! Oh, I should also mention he sings like star and has strong family values! He loves his family and has come to love ours as well--Whew!
(He plays the guitar too!)

So on this very special day...Know that we are thinking of you and wishing you a year full of many wonderful blessings!

(It really is just the two of them so far... that little guy belongs to Brett & Julianne)


  1. i'm feeling a little pressure to comment, being as you are standing right next to me!

    happy birthday adam! maybe we'll sing to you while we enjoy our ribs and hot fudge sundaes tonight!?

  2. Fab post, Mom. I love that Adam Stewart. And I love you!

  3. Oh yes, thank the stars adam was born this day.

  4. oh, and that picture of me and grandpa is so darn hilarious. love it!

  5. My favorite line from your post is Adam "sings like a star and has strong family values!" Yeah, Adam is a keeper.

  6. that first picture is a it! happy birthday Mr. Stewart!

  7. happy birthday Adam, we missed you in Hawaii.

  8. Aunt Diane,

    Gabe saw Uncle Don saying the prayer today and he asked Jon if that was his uncle, and after Jon said yes Gabe said: "Oh, I like his hair!"

    We laughed and laughed. I thought you'd appreciate that!

    If you email me your email address to I'll send you another invitation to my picture blog where you can see the kiddos!

    Oh--and happy birthday Adam, can't wait to meet you!